tutoring at higham hall january 2019

evening shadows fall

"WInter Contrasts in Ink and Coloured Pencil" 21st - 24th January 2019

This winter course will focus on the contrast between the dark shapes of trees and the landscape and the delicate colours seen in snow. I'm sure the Lakes will produce some good examples - although hopefully not while I'm on the way there. This is one of my favourite ways of using ink and coloured pencil, preferably on a very white paper. Derwent Artists excellent range of paler shades really work well, so a visit to the nearby Pencil Museum is recommended! Higham is a lovely venue, peaceful and beautifully situated with good food and a friendly atmosphere. Perfect for a revitalising creative break at a dreary time of year.

Higham Hall College
Bassenthwaite Lake
CA13 9SH
017687 76276

Image: "Evening Shadows Fall" by Helen Hanson SBA