"landscape in ink and coloured pencil" by helen hanson
published june 2022
landscape in ink and coloured pencil by helen hanson

"This is a well written and beautifully presented book by an artist whose passion for her new-found techniques and media is tangible." (The Leisure Painter)

"A brilliant and beautiful book. I love your style, as you know, so this book is a bonus." (Janie Pirie)

"When this arrived, I felt the need to create a new term for the style and came up with Soft Realism. There's no shortage of books on coloured pencil work, but this is, I think, unique and Helen Hanson explains both her aims and working techniques thoroughly." (The Artist)

"...very well laid out and beautifully illustrated. If you want to try something a bit different with your colour pencils, I fully recommend it. Both beginners and more seasoned coloured pencil artists will find something new here." (UKCPS Review)

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